Fight product counterfeits with
Blockchain Technology

No one likes copies of their products being sold in the market.
That’s where Unfake comes in.

What we do?

We eliminate chances of product counterfeiting at all sales touchpoints.

Typical Product
Supply Chain

Product Supply Chain
after Unfake Solution

How we do it?

We provide NFC tags, each linked with unique token IDs stored on the blockchain, which can be embedded in the sole of the shoes,
thus making the pair unique & one of its kind.

How it works?

Whenever a customer would tap the sole of the shoe with his smartphone, information like brand name, manufacturer, owner details,
unique token ID etc, would pop-up on his screen where he would be able to verify the authenticity of the product
thus getting value for money.

Why should we use it?

Unfake is a one-stop solution for fighting knockoffs of footwear brands by leveraging the power of NFC technology,
NFTs & the blockchain.

Reduction in lost

Prevent counterfeiting and ultimately
prevent loss of sales.

App-less and Easy to
use for consumers

No hassle of app download for
end-users, which increases consumer
adaption and engagement.


A multi-layer solution to identify
counterfeited shoes with littler or
no human intervention.

Innovative and

Stay above the competition and use
a technological edge in brand
protection obligations.

Increase in

Be sure that retailers are able to stop
the channel of sale for fake
production on time.

Scale efficiently &
implement easily

Easy to implement tags during
manufacturing and quickly scalable
to all products.

Unfake your brand today!

Reach out to us to take your brand to the next level.